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Inappropriate Comments & Hostile Environment

Sexual Harassment — Inappropriate Comments & Hostile Environment

Everyone wants a friendly workplace, but some work environments cross the line. Your coworkers do not have the right to make you feel uncomfortable because of your gender. If colleagues or supervisors have made inappropriate comments, including jokes, of a sexual nature, you may be the victim of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment occurs when an individual is subjected to a hostile environment in the workplace because of his or her sex. Inappropriate comments or jokes can create or contribute to a hostile environment, particularly if these comments are severe and/or frequent.

Comments that may constitute sexual harassment include remarks about someone’s physical appearance, sexual history or sexual preferences. General statements disparaging members of one gender may also be considered sexual harassment. These comments do not have to be made directly to or about you. If you overheard someone make a sex-based comment that made you uncomfortable, you may still be a victim of sexual harassment.

You have the right to work in a situation free from discomfort, where you feel that you are treated equally with your colleagues.

Your Options

Hostile environment sexual harassment is illegal. If your employer is aware that sexual harassment has occurred, they can be held liable for the harassment you endured. If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you do not need to suffer in silence. An experienced attorney can help you decide what to do, whether it’s filing a complaint with your company or filing a lawsuit against your employer.

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