We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to help people through the most difficult time of their lives. Below you'll find a sampling of testimonials from several of our valued clients.

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You never gave up on me, and I will remember that and be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

Dear Mr. O’Connor,

Words can't truly express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. When we started on this journey 2 years ago on “the eleventh hour,” I was very concerned because of the problems I was having before I retained you. You quickly put my mind to rest by explaining everything to me, and answering all my questions. The outcome of this lawsuit is nothing less than a miracle because of the many obstacles we faced. I know that your professionalism, knowledge, dedication and patience is what got us through. You never gave up on me, and I will remember that and be grateful to you for the rest of my life. The pride you have for your law firm shows. God Bless.

- Marie G.

I would highly recommend this firm to anybody!

My husband was a 32-year-old man in good health when he went to a chiropractor for a standard adjustment. The chiropractor overextended the adjustment in his neck which made a tear in his artery so significant that my husband had a series of strokes. He had to undergo life-threatening surgery to repair the tear followed by six months of intensive rehabilitation. It was absolutely horrible. He will never have back the life he had and the bills for his medical care have been huge.

I went to a local lawyer who recommended O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble. I was a nervous wreck at the point when I had my first meeting with Scott Parsons. But he was so compassionate and so understanding. He asked all the right questions and explained my options. He was very to the point, so smart and amazing.

Scott Parsons told me up front that it was going to be a hard case to prove. But the research the firm did was phenomenal. They lined up such credible expert witnesses, and even went to Georgia to tape the testimony of one expert. They were just so thorough and so efficient. They knew what they are doing and I thank God for Scott. He won the case for us which settled out of court. I would highly recommend this firm to anybody!

- Andrea K.

Trusting, caring, and kept me informed every step of the way.

I experienced chest pains and went to a cardiologist, who recommended a coronary artery bypass grafting or “CABG” (often pronounced “cabbage”). I then underwent the procedure.

Coincidentally, sometime after the procedure I had a new job working for a group of cardiologists. I mentioned that I was still having chest pains after the procedure, so they did a cardiac catheterization procedure. They said that I had not needed CABG, I had perfectly normal arteries, and that I probably had a medical malpractice case. I discussed it with my family and decided to pursue a case. The cardiologists recommended O’Connor, Parsons, Lane, & Noble.

After a few meetings with, the lawyers were very candid and told me that they were not certain that we win the case. But, we made the decision to go further.

I worked with Greg Noble and several other lawyers and staff at the firm. They really had a great team approach. Greg was very trusting, caring, kept me informed every step of the way and I was very happy with that. The trial was nerve wracking, but the firm staff was, again, very supportive and calming, and very reassuring. They kept telling me to be honest and do my best.

- Sandra K.

We began to think of them as family.

I had a basal cell carcinoma in my chin for many years without it being detected by my dermatologist despite multiple visits over 10 years. During my initial meeting with a new dermatologist, he said we needed to take a biopsy right away. It turned out that my chin was full of cancer. Removing it was a very complicated and painful process. I had to undergo 10 surgeries over 4 years and will suffer from health problems related to the cancer for the rest of my life.

I decided to seek legal counsel and a friend recommended O’Connor, Parsons, Lane, Noble. After a first meeting they immediately filed a lawsuit. I was instantly impressed with the firm, and they put me at ease right away. They truly believed in my case!

I worked directly with Paul O’Connor and his knowledge and understanding of the law was top shelf; certainly the best. He was flawless during this case, from beginning to end and he handled himself magnificently. Each and every day, he was on top of his game and did an outstanding job. The entire staff also worked hard to make us feel comfortable during a very difficult and emotional time. In fact, we began to think of them as family.

We won our case, and the award handed down was the largest medical malpractice award in Union County up to that time. My wife and I will be grateful to O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble for the rest of our lives.

- William A.

Everyone I spoke to at the firm also offered the utmost help when I needed it.

My car was hit by a truck in an accident that shattered my ankle and wrist. I spent 13 days in a medical trauma unit, had several surgeries to put the bones back together, and extensive physical therapy. I never fully recovered and, today, I live with hardware in my wrist, two screws in my ankle and persistent pain. Before the accident I worked in a warehouse and now I’m very limited physically, so I can’t work. I sought compensation because I needed to support my wife and four kids.

A local lawyer said that my case was too complicated for her so she recommended Scott Parsons at O’Connor, Parsons, Lane, & Noble. Scott recognized that I had a good case and proceeded with a suit against the insurance company. The insurance company didn’t want to admit fault but Scott was relentless. When the case went to trial I was pretty scared to go on the stand because so much was at stake, but Scott was very reassuring and calmed me down.

It took a lot of skill and hard work to convince the judge that it was the truck driver’s fault but Scott remained conscientious. I was so impressed by his self-control, his confidence, and his intelligence. He was always very clear and firm about his positions, always on the money, and always well prepared.

Everyone I spoke to at the firm also offered the utmost help when I needed it. Sometimes I would get down about the process and just needed to hear a few nice words and I always got them from the staff. Even recently, several years later, I called Scott for help with a question about a legal issue. He called me right back and was happy to give me advice. If I would ever need a lawyer again, Scott Parsons would be the man!

- Patrick T.