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NJ Senate President Scutari, Political Foes Settle Linden Feud Over 'Serial Absenteeism

Following accusations of "serial absenteeism" as the prosecutor of Linden, Senate President Nicholas Scutari and his political opponents have reached an agreement, putting an end to their bitter dispute. This resolution avoids potential criminal charges and removes a political liability that had loomed over Scutari since assuming the position of Senate president in January, the second-highest elected role in New Jersey. The agreement effectively resolves an intraparty conflict and the concerns of wasted taxpayer dollars.

Manville Schools Sued Over Transgender Student's Suicide

Danielle Warshefski, the mother of a Manville High School student, has filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming they failed to prevent bullying during her child's transition from female to male. The lawsuit states that Myles Fitzpatrick, a 17-year-old set to graduate in June, tragically took his own life in November due to relentless harassment and bullying from fellow students based on his gender identity. The lawsuit was filed on May 2 in Somerset County's Superior Court.

$2M Settlement Reached in Case Alleging Mayor Sexually Harassed Municipal Employee

Rolong "had to show tremendous endurance, and we're very proud to have represented her because she brought a claim that was not very easy to bring. We all felt it was an important case to bring," said her attorney Gregory Noble.

What to do When You Discover Your Employer Doing Something Illegal

Discovering that your employer is engaging in illegal activities can be a distressing experience, leaving you uncertain about the best course of action. While one choice is to resign immediately, there may be instances where your conscience or financial circumstances necessitate staying and attempting to address the problem. This guide offers advice on safeguarding yourself and others in such situations.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Claims Westfield Police Leaders Retaliated, Discriminated

Whistleblower lawsuit alleges retaliation and discrimination by Westfield Police Department against an African American sergeant and a female lieutenant who reported racial profiling. Sgt. Preston Freeman, the department's first African American sergeant, and Lt. Nicole Stivale, the highest-ranking female police officer in department history, filed the lawsuit in Union County Superior Court on Friday.

Westfield Police Accused Of Racial Profiling, Discrimination: Lawsuit

Two members of the Westfield Police Department have filed a lawsuit against the department, citing issues of race and gender discrimination, as well as racial profiling.

Former Plainfield Public Defender Awarded $500K Over Gender Discrimination

A jury has awarded a former city public defender $500,000 after she alleged gender discrimination over her contract’s non-renewal.