New Jersey businesses, property owners, and landlords have a duty to look out for the health and safety of employees, customers, and other invited guests. When these defendants fail to live up to this obligation, they can be held legally responsible for any resulting injuries through a premises liability claim.

At O'Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble, our New Jersey premises liability lawyers have more than four decades of experience representing injured victims. We handle the full range of premises liability cases, including slip and fall accident claims, negligent security lawsuits, inadequate maintenance lawsuits, dog bite injury claims, swimming pool accidents, and much more. For a free, no obligation review of your premises liability case, please contact our law office today.

Common Types of Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip, trip, and falls are among the leading causes of serious injury. Each year, more than one million Americans are hospitalized after a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. These injuries can vary widely in their nature and their severity. Our law firm handles the full range of fall accident injuries. These accidents happen for many different reasons. Some of the leading causes of slip, trip, and fall accidents include:

  • Slippery floors;
  • Unrepaired leaks;
  • Uncleaned spills;
  • Broken floor boards;
  • Tattered rugs or carpets;
  • Loose clutter in halls or walkways;
  • Damaged stairs;
  • Inadequate lighting;
  • Slippery exterior sidewalks/walkways; and
  • Failure to warn of a slip/trip hazard.

How is Negligence Proved in Premises Liability Cases?

In New Jersey, premises liability claims are based on negligence. You will not be able to recover compensation for a slip and fall accident simply because your injuries occurred on another person’s property. In order to recover compensation, you must be able to prove that the business or property owner was at fault for your accident. This requires establishing negligence. In premises liability claims, plaintiffs are generally required to prove the following five things:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care — meaning the injured victim had permission to be on the premises;
  • There was a dangerous safety hazard that was present on the premises;
  • The safety hazard in question actually contributed to the victim’s injuries;
  • The business/property owner knew or should have known about the presence of the safety hazard; and
  • The business/property owner could have reasonably taken measures to reduce or eliminate the safety risk, but they failed to do so.

Proving liability can sometimes be challenging. New Jersey businesses and property owners — and their insurance companies — often fight slip and fall accident claims aggressively. You need a top slip and fall accident lawyer on your side. Your lawyer will be able to help you build a strong, effective legal claim, so that you can prove liability and obtain full and fair compensation.

Statute of Limitations for Bringing a Premises Liability Lawsuit in NJ

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you have limited to take legal action. Most premises liability claims in New Jersey are subject to the state’s two-year statute of limitations. You must file any lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident. If you do not, your case will likely be automatically dismissed. You will be denied compensation on a technicality. Do not let this happen to you: get professional legal representation.

How Can a Premises Liability Lawyer Help?

We are committed to helping our clients recover the maximum available financial compensation. Depending on the specific nature of your claim, you may be able to get money damages for all related medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and long-term disability. We are ready to hold negligent businesses and property owners accountable. Our law firm will:

  • Listen to your story and review your premises liability case;
  • Explain your legal rights and legal options to you;
  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation of your accident;
  • Work with doctors and medical experts to get you the best treatment;
  • Handle settlement negotiations with the insurer; and
  • If necessary, file a premises liability lawsuit against the negligent defendant.

Many premises liability claims can be settled prior to litigation. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, we will help you fight for a full settlement offer. That being said, if the defendant or their insurance provider refuses to cooperate or to offer you fair compensation, our law firm is always ready for to take your case to court. We also handle other premises liability cases, including:

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Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident in New Jersey?

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