New Jersey Race Discrimination Lawyers

new jersey race discrimination lawyers

Discrimination based on race is an abomination and is morally reprehensible.

Treating any person differently because of their skin color or national origin destroys who they are as individuals simply based on a personal characteristic that is utterly irrelevant.

Everyone who perpetrates racial discrimination in today’s age must be held accountable. 

Racial discrimination is unlawful in New Jersey.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination based on race, color, and creed in the United States.

The state of New Jersey outlawed discrimination when it enacted the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD). The LAD is a wide-ranging and empowering piece of legislation that endeavors to create a level playing field for all.

Obtaining a job or other benefits without racial discrimination is a civil right in New Jersey.

Sadly, racial discrimination in employment still exists. Even with the attention drawn to the racial divide in America over the past year, employers pass over qualified individuals for jobs, promotions, transfers, and other employment benefits based on race. 

If you or someone you love is the victim of racial discrimination, you can fight back. The race discrimination lawyers with O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble will lead the charge for you. We vow to fight for justice to hold anyone who discriminates against another based on race accountable.

Racial Discrimination Prohibited in New Jersey Workplaces

Federal law and New Jersey law guarantee that no employer can base an adverse employment action on the candidate’s racial characteristics. New Jersey’s LAD defines racial characteristics as traits that people historically assign to a person that can include skin color, hair type, color, styles, and texture.

Additionally, the LAD specifically prohibits employers from discriminating against anyone based on hairstyles such as dreadlocks, braids, or twists.

It is essential to understand that people of one color or race can discriminate against another person of the same color or race. 

The prohibition against racial discrimination extends to associations with other individuals, especially involving interracial marriages and relationships. In other words, an employer cannot discriminate against you because of your significant other’s race.

Examples of Employment Racial Discrimination In New Jersey

Racial discrimination could emerge at any time in the employment setting. Any adverse employment decision is suspect to scrutiny if it appears that race was a determining factor in an employment decision such as:

  • Hiring,
  • Firing,
  • Recruiting,
  • Promotion,
  • Demotion,
  • Favorable or unfavorable transfers,
  • Pay,
  • Executive compensation,
  • Benefits packages,
  • Pay decreases,
  • Work evaluations, or
  • Employment conditions.

An experienced and skilled racial discrimination attorney knows that racial discrimination could be overt, but it probably will not be. Many people harbor biases they don’t know about, and these biases could play out in employment decisions, albeit subtly.

An example of a subtle form of racial discrimination is giving a salesperson less favorable accounts merely because of skin color. 

A race discrimination lawyer who understands how racial characteristics could unlawfully influence an adverse employment decision could help you evaluate your claim.

Employment Harassment Based on Race

Every person must be free from harassment based on race at work as well. Any repeated mistreatment of an employee or a group of employees based on race is harassment, and it is unlawful.

Not all people who work together get along; such are the dynamics of the workplace. Notwithstanding, individuals must be free from harassment that creates a hostile work environment, such as:

  • Constant racist jokes;
  • Perpetuating racial stereotypes;
  • Taunting or jeering;
  • Unwelcome physical contact (which may be a crime); or
  • Receiving racially charged emails, phone calls, or correspondence.

Harassment can be devastating to an employee. Harassment destroys morale, diminishes productivity, and causes upheaval. If you are the subject of harassment at work for any reason, including race, then you should speak with seasoned New Jersey race discrimination lawyers about your rights.

Employers’ Responsibilities

Every employer in New Jersey must maintain a race-neutral workspace. Employers should have a clear policy against racial discrimination with information about the proper channels to report abuse.

Additionally, employers must investigate claims of alleged racial discrimination and take the appropriate remedial steps. 

Employers also have a continuing obligation to enact race-neutral employment policies and procedures.

Often, an employment policy or mandate appears to be race-neutral on its face but still violates New Jersey and federal law because the rule treats people of different races differently. This is known as disparate treatment. 

Retaliation for Reporting Racial Discrimination Is Unlawful

New Jersey and federal law clarify that no one can retaliate against you for reporting an incident of racial discrimination. The law encourages reporting so that employers will stop discriminatory behavior.

Your employer faces legal liability for retaliating against you for standing up for your rights or someone else’s rights.

Despite the potent judicial remedies available for victims of racial discrimination, people are reluctant to come forward. They believe that they could be labeled as a “snitch” or get saddled with a reputation as a bad employee. They might also fear that their co-workers will ostracize them for reporting. 

These fears, and many others, make fighting against racial discrimination at work difficult. Experiencing emotional turmoil about reporting race discrimination in the office is perfectly natural.

Having a New Jersey race discrimination lawyer by your side who understands how complex these issues are will ease your discomfort and help you do what you know is right.

Race Discrimination Claims Outside Employment

The LAD in New Jersey contains broad language to prevent racial discrimination in every facet of life occurring in public. The LAD prohibits discrimination in:

  • Housing decisions,
  • Mortgage decisions,
  • Education,
  • Public transportation,
  • Banking,
  • Gyms,
  • Restaurants, and
  • State agencies. 

Not only does racial discrimination have no place in employment, but it also has no place in our daily lives. You should contact New Jersey race discrimination lawyers to discuss your options.

Remedies for Racial Discrimination in New Jersey

New Jersey’s LAD allows racial discrimination victims to file legal action seeking monetary damages and other forms of legal relief. You may file your case in court.

However, you might need to exhaust your administrative remedies first. Potential damages include:

  • Back pay for unlawful termination or suspension,
  • Damages for pain and humiliation,
  • Punitive or exemplary damages,
  • Litigation costs,
  • Attorney fees, and
  • Injunctive relief.

The facts and circumstances of each claim vary greatly. Therefore, talking with New Jersey race discrimination lawyers about the pain and anguish you suffered at work is the best way to determine the damages you could seek in court.

How Could New Jersey Race Discrimination Lawyers Help?

Race discrimination cases are rarely straightforward and are often complex. However, experienced and knowledgeable race discrimination lawyers know how to build a compelling case and protect your valuable rights.  

Race discrimination attorneys who fight vigorously for their clients understand the best methods to obtain critical evidence that supports your claim. Rarely will there be a smoking gun.

However, they know how to uncover evidence hidden in emails (which are often deleted), employment records, payroll records, and company files that help prove you are the victim of discrimination. 

Other agencies in New Jersey fight against racial discrimination in the workplace, but your personal interests are not their primary concern. These other agencies might help you, but only a seasoned racial discrimination attorney owes you a duty to do everything lawfully possible to protect your rights.

You Deserve to Be Heard

The New Jersey race discrimination lawyers with O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble believe you have a right to be heard. We believe that every victim of discrimination should take a stand against injustice. We vow to be with you every step of the way. 

Our firm has a proven track record of success in employment discrimination claims. Although every case is different, our effort to protect your rights and help deliver justice will not waver. Call us today at 908-928-9200 or visit our website to learn how we could help you.

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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