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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

What is Sexual Orientation Discrimination?
The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. Employment law covers all claims of workplace discrimination in hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, and compensation. It also includes various types of harassment. Employment discrimination may occur intentionally or unintentionally because of either prejudice or ignorance. Whatever the case the law prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. Victims of discrimination or harassment may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Situations That Are Grounds for Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims
The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits stereotyping or unfair treatment because of sexual orientation. These rules also apply to any other form of workplace discrimination. If you have been discriminated against for your sexual orientation in New Jersey it is illegal and you may be entitled to damages.

Greg Noble tried a case involving a gay trucking company employee who was verbally and physically abused because of his sexual orientation. A jury awarded his client $22.67 million in damages (which included $15 million in punitive damages).

Examples of sexual orientation discrimination may include, but are not limited to:

• Derogatory comments about gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals
• Being denied a promotion purely based on sexual orientation
• Harassment from coworkers or employers about your sexual orientation
• Being asked not to bring a same-sex partner to a corporate event while different-sex partners are invited

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