Did You Suffer Consequences After Reporting Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is illegal, unethical, and can lead to severe problems in the workplace. Many workplaces are not doing enough to prevent this serious issue. Unfortunately, some workplaces or supervisors may even attempt to punish people who report sexual harassment.

If you suffered negative consequences at work after reporting sexual harassment, you may be entitled to compensation or other relief. Retaliating against someone who files a sexual harassment complaint is illegal, even if your employer finds the initial complaint to be without merit.

Retaliatory actions can include firing, demotion, changes in your job description or duties, an unfairly negative performance review, or shift reassignment. Retaliation can also include subtler behavior, such as threats to do any of the above. You are also legally protected from retaliation if you intervened during an instance of harassment on behalf of someone else or answered questions related to an investigation into a complaint made by someone else.

Your Options

Retaliation for filing a sexual harassment complaint or participating in an investigation is wrong and unfair. Fortunately, if you have experienced retaliation, you may be able to obtain the compensation you deserve.

An experienced attorney can help you figure out what to do next, whether it’s filing a complaint with human resources or filing a lawsuit against your employer. Standing up against sexual harassment in the workplace takes courage. No one deserves to live in fear for their job simply because they stood up for what’s right.

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