Have You Been Injured By an Electric Scooter?

It seems like electric scooters are everywhere these days. Companies like Bird and Lime, among others, are bringing fleets of scooters to city streets across the country. Private users, too, are buying these scooters and using them daily.

It’s easy to see the appeal: electric scooters can be a cheap, clean, and convenient way to get around town. But in the hands of a reckless user, electric scooters can also be dangerous. Many people are unfamiliar with these new, trendy tools, and the result can sometimes be careless riding. Too often, pedestrians pay the price.

According to the New York Times, since electric scooters took off in Santa Monica, California, there have been over 400 citations of motorized scooter riders in that city. Some of these citations may be the result of new riders learning to manage a complicated form of technology — but that doesn’t mean pedestrians like you should have to pay the price.

You May Be Entitled to Financial Compensation

Electric scooter injuries can include damage to your foot caused by someone running over it, injuries from a collision involving an electric scooter, or any other physical problems caused by a collision with a scooter. In any of these cases, you may be entitled to a cash settlement from the person whose recklessness caused your injuries. This money can be used to help cover medical costs or missed wages related to your injuries. It is also important to hold riders accountable as this new technology gains in popularity.

Everyone has an obligation to act safely in public, and if you were injured by someone else’s recklessness, it can be a good idea to contact an attorney. An experienced lawyer will listen to your story and help you figure out the best option for you, possibly including financial compensation.

If you do receive compensation, the amount you get will depend on, among other things, the experience and reputation of your lawyer. That is one reason why you should call O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble today. Our experienced team has a long history of winning multimillion-dollar settlements for our clients. We believe everyone has a right to feel safe on the road and on the sidewalk. If you were injured in an electric scooter accident, we can help.

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