New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Representing Victims of Pedestrian Accidents in New Jersey

As the victim of a pedestrian accident, you have the burden of proof when it comes to establishing liability.  Therefore, you must be able to show evidence that the other party was at fault.  According to the NHTSA, in 2013, pedestrians were one of the few groups of road users to experience an increase in fatalities in the US, totaling 4,735 deaths.  These are husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and children – not just numbers.  In the United States, a pedestrian is injured from an automobile on average once every 8 minutes.

When walking or crossing the street, it is understood that most drivers on the road will pay attention to your whereabouts.  It is the law that drivers must have control over their vehicle at all times and the rights of pedestrians must be respected.  This means coming to a full stop as pedestrians use crosswalks or yielding to walkers when they have the right of way.

Sometimes an accident that occurs in a crosswalk or intersection may be straightforward, while injuries that occur in parking lots or on private property can sometimes involve the automobile insurance of the driver as well as the liability insurance of the property owner.  A skillful attorney will conduct a complete investigation of the details of your accident in order to identify evidence that could serve to prove your claim.  Some of the evidence may include witness statements, photos and video footage, police and medical records as well as expert testimony.

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