nj slip and fall lawyers help win large settlements

In New Jersey, the average slip and fall settlement varies substantially based on the details of the case.

If you sustained injuries in a slip, trip, or fall accident, you have the right to pursue compensation if the incident occurred due to someone’s negligence.

The area of the law that concerns slip and fall injuries is known as premises liability.

In New Jersey, a premises liability or slip and fall attorney can help you pursue compensation for your damages.

What Is a Slip and Fall Accident?

You can get hurt by virtually any type of slipping or falling incident. In many cases, these incidents are truly accidents, with no one having fault or liability.

However, if negligence on the part of the property owner or manager caused you to fall, you may have the right to recover compensation for your damages using the help of our lawyers.

The conditions that typically constitute a premises liability case are:

  • You could not have foreseen the potential for falling or getting hurt;
  • You fell and sustained injuries due to some type of unsafe condition; and
  • The property owner knew about the danger or should have known about it.

It’s important to recognize that these are general guidelines for slip and fall accidents and premises liability claims. Talking to an experienced lawyer is the best way to determine the viability of your claim.

What Is the Average NJ Slip and Fall Settlement Amount?

No two injury accidents are alike. For this reason, lawyers cannot accurately estimate an average settlement claim value. The value of your claim will depend on your injuries and how they are likely to affect your future. You may have the right to recover compensation for damages such as:

  • Current and future medical treatment costs,
  • Current and future lost wages, and
  • Pain and suffering.

If your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous job role, you may also have the right to pursue damages for diminished earning capacity.

Although you can find online tools that claim to calculate the value of NJ slip and fall settlements, approach these sites with caution.

No one can accurately project your claim value without knowing the details of your case. Talking to an experienced lawyer is the best way to get an accurate estimate of your potential settlement value.

What Are Some Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries in New Jersey?

Our state poses some unique challenges that can easily lead to falls and the resulting injuries.

The accumulation of snow and ice in public walkways poses a hazard. Cracked, sunken, or broken concrete or asphalt also poses a tripping hazard. Some of the other common causes of slip and fall injuries include:

  • Spills and puddles on floors,
  • Broken or uneven steps,
  • Missing or broken handrails,
  • Unmarked steps and curbs,
  • Insufficient lighting,
  • Unsecured cords and cables, and
  • Unsecured floor mats and rugs.

Armed with the details of your injury accident, a premises liability attorney can identify the at-fault party and demonstrate how their negligence led to your injuries and other damages.

How Does a Lawyer Prove Negligence?

Property owners and managers have a legal obligation (a “duty”) to keep their premises safe and protect visitors from hazards. If a property owner becomes aware of a potential hazard, they must correct the problem or provide visitors with a clear warning of the danger.

Should the property owner fail to take these steps to protect you from harm, the owner becomes liable for any damages you may suffer in a slip and fall accident.

Talk to Our Attorneys for Help

Having an experienced attorney on your side helps protect your legal rights. Your attorney will handle every aspect of your case and fight to get you a fair settlement for your losses.

The personal injury lawyers of O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble understand the fear and uncertainty that you face after an injury accident. Our firm has an extensive history of fighting for the wrongly injured. We have more than 100 years of combined experience, and we will put that experience to work for you.

To talk with one of our premises liability lawyers or to learn more about the average slip and fall settlement in NJ, contact our office today.

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