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Basic Needs Neglect in a Nursing Home

Basic Needs Neglect in a Nursing Home

The decision to place your loved on in a nursing home is a serious one. We choose to do this because it can often be the best way to help an elderly relative maintain the highest possible quality of life. At their best, these facilities help patients enjoy the later years of their life while providing needed medical care or assistance.

But for some families, what seems like the right decision can turn into a nightmare. Not all nursing homes provide their patients with the care and respect they deserve. Mistreatment or neglect in a nursing home can cause a patient to become ill or injured. At its worst, nursing home neglect can even cause death.

Your loved one deserves to have a positive experience in their nursing home, but some facilities don’t even provide patients with their basic needs.

What is Basic Needs Neglect?

There are certain things all patients and families should be able to count on from a nursing home. Your loved one should have enough food, water, and medical care to help maintain the best health possible. “Basic needs” also includes things like access to clean and safe bathroom facilities, comfortable indoor temperatures, and reliable access to medical care.

If you suspect that a nursing home is neglecting your loved one’s basic needs, you are right to be concerned. Without basic care, they are at risk of becoming seriously ill or injured. An experienced attorney will listen to your story and help you understand your options. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your and your loved one’s suffering.

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It is extremely important to hold negligent facilities accountable. If your loved one is suffering from neglect, it is possible that other patients are, too. Our experienced team has a proven record of winning multimillion-dollar settlements for families who were affected by medical mistreatment, neglect, or malpractice. We can help you explore your options, possible including a financial settlement.

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