When we talk about failure to diagnose cancer claims there are two general categories that they are broken down into. The first is cases in which there has been a failure to recommend and perform certain screening tests that will help to determine if in fact you have different types of cancers.

For example, when we talk about prostate cancer we’re talking about PSA testing, when we talk about colon cancer we can be talking about colonoscopy. And again when we are talking about breast cancer we can be talking about mammography. If a physician fails to recommend those tests to a particular patient that can be medical malpractice and that can be negligent because a reasonable physician is going to recommend those to their patient.

On the other hand there are certain times when patients have symptomology that are consistent with cancer and a physician fails to recognize that those symptoms are in fact related to the patient’s cancer. So again we look at both of those types of cases and we represent those that have been injured as a result of a physician’s negligence.

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