Essex, New Jersey (October 20, 2021) -- The state of New Jersey recently suspended the medical license of Dr. Muhammed A. Mirza, a Cedar Grove internist. Dr. Mirza was accused of improperly performing cosmetic surgeries, including non-surgical penile and breast enhancements. The suspension is temporary while the doctor awaits a hearing in front of an administrative law judge and the state medical authorities. 

Dr. Mirza’s patients complained that he worked out of makeshift medical spaces, failed to use proper hygiene with surgical masks and gloves, and would not respond to post-procedure complaints. An investigation revealed that he had dozens of rental spaces throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York, and would see up to 30 patients daily. An inspection of his Summit office revealed a sparse treatment area with a fold-away table and chairs and unrefrigerated injectable fillers stored in duffel bags. The accusations also include allegations that the doctor used the fillers for off-label purposes. Acting state attorney general Andrew J. Bruck stated, “We will not allow doctors to take advantage of patients’ desires to look and feel better about themselves by subjecting them to medically inappropriate procedures that expose them to grave harm and permanent disfigurement.”

One of Dr. Mirza’s patients was permanently harmed after the doctor performed a nonsurgical penile enhancement procedure using injectable dermal fillers. The patient required hospitalization and two emergency surgeries. Dr. Mirza failed to disclose the filler used to emergency room doctors, hindering the patient’s treatment.

Dr. Mirza used dermal fillers close to patients’ eyes which could have led to permanent blindness or loss of vision. The doctor also improperly used fillers for breast enhancement which could obscure mammogram results. And he failed to perform skin allergy tests on patients before the procedures. 

Dr. Mirza has denied the allegations but will not be allowed to practice medicine unless his license is restored.


Were You Harmed in an Improper Medical Procedure?

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