All roads have the potential to be dangerous. Indeed, operating a motor vehicle is one of the riskiest things a person can do - motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in our state.

Add in high speeds, congestion, and poor road conditions, though, and the risk of an accident increases even more. Here’s a look into some of the worst roads in NJ:

1. Route 295

Route 295 is highly trafficked, and the section between Bellmawr and Lawnside is especially dangerous. Indeed, according to an article published at, there were 223 crashes recorded in this area in a single year. 

2. Route 287

Route 287 may be a necessary road--indeed, some sections of the route see more than 100,000 vehicles per day--but it’s also dangerous. In a single year, hundreds of accidents were reported. 

3. Route 17

With constant traffic of more than 125,000 vehicles per day, an eight-mile section of Route 17 in Paramus is especially dangerous. With consistent congestion and vehicles traveling at high speeds, it’s no wonder this is the third-most dangerous section of road in the state. 

4. Route 280

When thinking of scary roads in NJ, it’s impossible to forget about route 280, specifically the section from Harrison to Steuben Street. The interchange with the Garden State Parkway makes this area difficult to navigate, resulting in nearly 300 crashes reported in a 12-month period. 

5. Route 440

There are two primary reasons why Route 440 is so dangerous: the first is that traffic often gets backed up for miles; the second is that this route is often used by large trucks. Just like the other sections of road listed, hundreds of accidents per year are reported. 

6. Route 287 from Route 24 - Route 10 

As stated above, route 287 is the second-most dangerous road in the state. The section of Route 287 from Route 24 to Route 10 is one of the riskier sections, used by nearly 50,000 drivers each day and prone to congestion and accidents. 

7. Route 1 

While only a two-mile section between Quakerbridge to Alexander, this section of Route 1 sees high-volume traffic daily and over four accidents per week. 

8. Route 78

It would make sense that longer stretches of road have the highest accident rates, but such is not the case for the stretch between Halsey Street to Garden State Parkway on Route 78, which is barely a mile long. Despite the short distance, the complicated interchange makes this route dangerous. What’s more, over 145,000 vehicles per day use this route. 

9. Route 37

A slightly larger section of highway than the one listed above, the Toms River section of Route 37 gets ninth place on the list of most dangerous roads in New Jersey. 

10. Route 1 - Menlo Avenue, Edison to Ronson Road, Woodbridge

Finally, the section from Menlo Avenue to Ronson Road on Route 1 is number 10 on the list. This road is dangerous primarily because of the high levels of congestion during rush hour traffic and the complicated interchange that characterizes this area. 

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