Whether you’re facing misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or other medical negligence, we’re here to guide you in finding the right attorney to advocate for your rights and interests. So, are you wondering how to find the right medical malpractice attorney for your case? Here’s an overview of when to consider looking for an attorney, where to look, and what qualifications to look out for.

When You Should Consider Getting a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice is when a healthcare professional fails to provide the standard level of care expected from them, causing harm to the patient. There are a wide variety of scenarios that could constitute medical malpractice, so we recommend looking for an attorney if any of the following happen to you:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. If you believe your healthcare provider failed to diagnose your condition accurately or promptly, you may have a case for medical malpractice. We recommend contacting an attorney if you experience worse health outcomes or additional complications when following medical advice or treatment from a doctor. 
  • Surgical errors. Instances where the performance of surgical procedures is negligent, leading to injuries such as organ damage, infections, or nerve injuries, warrant legal intervention. These instances also include situations where the surgeon performs a procedure on the wrong body part.
  • Medication errors. Giving the wrong dosage, incorrect prescriptions, or failing to account for allergies or interactions are all forms of medical malpractice. 
  • Birth injuries. Cases involving birth injuries to the baby or mother during pregnancy, labor, or delivery are particularly serious. These injuries may lead to lifelong issues for either the mother or the child.
  • Failure to obtain consent. If a healthcare provider performs a procedure without obtaining proper informed consent or fails to disclose potential risks, it may constitute medical malpractice.

If you suspect any of these things happened to you, speaking with a medical malpractice attorney is the right call. Of course, you will want to know how to find a good medical malpractice attorney rather than just any lawyer who takes these types of cases. Let’s go over the best places to look.

Where to Look for Medical Malpractice Legal Representation

Finding the right medical malpractice attorney is crucial for the success of your case. However, it may be an overwhelming choice when you search for them online. Before you get started with your search, consider trying the following options.

Ask for Referrals

Do you know someone who can recommend an attorney? If so, ask them for that attorney’s information. It’s unlikely that someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, would recommend an attorney they don’t have success with. Even if the attorney doesn’t handle medical malpractice, they may have a connection who does and can refer you to them. Personal referrals often lead to reputable and experienced legal representation.

Look at Lists from Medical Malpractice Organizations or Awards

Look for attorneys who are members of or have received awards from professional organizations or associations dedicated to medical malpractice law. Membership in these organizations usually indicates a commitment to staying updated on legal developments and best practices in the field. Some notable recognitions include Martindale-Hubbell, The National Trial Lawyers, and Best Lawyers. You may also consider local recognitions within New Jersey. 

Schedule Consultations with Attorneys You Find on Search Engines

Finally, if you’re still having trouble deciding, there is nothing wrong with making a list of highly-rated firms on search engines and scheduling consultations. Ultimately, you want to do a consultation because it lets you know if the attorney has experience with your situation. However, before you go into consultations, let’s look at some of the qualifications you should consider.

Qualifications to Consider When Choosing a Medical Negligence Lawyer

Selecting the right medical malpractice attorney requires careful consideration of experience, knowledge, and results. Here are essential qualifications to prioritize during your search:

  • Track record of success. Review the attorney’s track record of successful outcomes in medical malpractice cases. While past results aren’t a guarantee, a history of favorable verdicts or settlements speaks to an attorney’s litigation ability.
  • Resources and support. Ensure the attorney has sufficient resources and support staff to investigate your case thoroughly. Medical malpractice cases often require expert testimony, medical records review, and in-depth research.
  • Communication and transparency. Choose an attorney who prioritizes clear and open communication throughout the legal process. Your attorney should keep you informed about developments in your case, promptly address your concerns, and explain legal concepts in a manner you understand.

Remember, your choice of attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your case, so take the time to make an informed decision. Don’t consult with one attorney. Instead, consider all of your options and select the best one for you.

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