Are You Being Wrongly Classified as an Independent Contractor?

You work for the same organization, day in and day out. You care about making sure that the company does well, and you put in an honest effort each and every day. You may report to one consistent supervisor, or always work from the same site. But despite your consistent effort on behalf of your employer, they classify you as an independent contractor instead of a full-time employee. Why?

Some employers unfairly classify their workers as independent contractors. As a result, they can avoid paying out required employee benefits like health insurance. Sometimes they may try to get away with paying you less than you deserve. If you are being classified as an independent contractor — but don’t believe that term accurately describes your relationship with your employer — you may be the victim of wage theft.

Wage theft occurs when an employer benefits from work completed by an employee without adequately paying that employee. Misclassifying workers as contractors instead of staff members can be one method of wage theft. If this is happening to you, you may be entitled to recover any lost wages or benefits that have been stolen.

There are specific legal classifications for an independent contractor, as determined by the IRS. Those classifications examine how much control the employee has over their work relationship with the employer. An experienced attorney can help you understand whether you have been working as an independent contractor in name only or as the term is originally intended. If you suspect you may be misclassified, it is a good idea to talk to an attorney. Experienced attorneys can help you understand wage laws in your state and at the federal level to figure out if you were a victim of wage theft.

The important thing is that you do not have to suffer in silence. If your wages have been stolen from you, a lawyer can help you win the compensation you deserve.

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