While working as a toll collector, Cynthia Fernandez liked to say goodbye to customers by saying, “Have a nice day; God bless you,” a reference to her Christian faith.

But according to Cynthia, her employer told her she was not allowed to say “God bless you” to customers, out of fear that non-Christians would be offended. She ultimately resigned her job as a toll collector, saying she felt silenced.

But Cynthia’s expression of her religious beliefs was not disruptive and did not violate explicit company policy. As a result, she believed that her legal rights to freedom of speech and religion were being infringed upon.

Cynthia’s Story: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/10/02/ex-nj-toll-taker-who-claims-she-was-ordered-to-stop-saying-god-bless-you-files-lawsuit/

Your Right to Religious Expression

You have the right to express your religious beliefs in the workplace without fear of discrimination or punishment. In situations like Cynthia’s, you may be entitled to compensation for missed wages or other remedies.

If you have been made to feel uncomfortable at work because of your religion, you do not have to suffer in silence. An experienced attorney can help you figure out how to approach the situation, whether it’s navigating the complaint process with HR or filing a lawsuit seeking compensation.

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