Were You Denied a Job Because of Your Disability?

Finding work can be hard enough without having to fear that you are being discriminated against. But for millions of disabled Americans, the job hunt can be uniquely stressful.

Disability discrimination is illegal, but many employers still try to deny jobs to otherwise qualified workers on the basis of their disability.

If you suspect that you were denied a job because of your disability or perceived disability, you may be entitled to compensation.

Disability Discrimination in the Hiring Process

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against disabled applicants in job recruitment or hiring procedures.

It is illegal to ask job applicants to identify a specific disability before extending a job offer. It is also illegal to ask medical questions or conduct a medical exam on an applicant before a job has been offered. If you suspect you have experienced unfair questioning of this nature during an application process, you may be a victim of disability discrimination.

What is a Disability?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a “disability” is any physical or mental condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities. These “life activities” may include seeing, walking, communicating and bodily function. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether a specific ailment counts as a disability under discrimination law.

A history of disability can also qualify an individual as “disabled” under anti-discrimination law. If you had cancer that is now in remission, for example, you may still be a victim of discrimination.

Lastly, you can experience disability discrimination if you are believed to have such an impairment, even if you do not actually have the disability in question. If you were rejected from a job because your potential employer believed you to be disabled, for example, you might have a discrimination claim, even if their belief was inaccurate.

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