Dump Truck Hits State Troopers, Pedestrians

West Orange, NJ— Two state troopers and several pedestrians were struck by a dump truck during a highway accident investigation Tuesday morning July 30th.  

The crash, which happened at about 10:30 a.m. in West Orange, occurred on the eastbound side of I-280, the highway that runs across Northern New Jersey.

Authorities say that the troopers and the pedestrians were all outside their vehicles at the time.  The troopers were investigating an earlier accident possibly involving the pedestrians when the dump truck hit the group.  

Seven people were taken to St. Michael’s Medical Center for evaluation and are in stable condition.  

In a statement, acting Governor Sheila Oliver said, as the investigation continues, that the incident “should remind us all of the dangers our first responders can encounter while performing their jobs on our roadways.”

Several other trucks and vehicles appear to have been involved in the wreck, the extent of any damages in unknown at this time. 

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Sources: MyNJ9, PIX 11, and Fox61

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