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Thalassemia Major

What Is Thalassemia Major?
Thalassemia major is a genetic blood disorder that affects the production of normal hemoglobin. Thalassemia disorders are most common among people of Mediterranean, African, or Southeast Asian descent. Women carrying a baby with thalassemia major often miscarry during pregnancy or give birth to a stillborn baby. Children who live with this disease need lifelong transfusions and extensive medical care. They always have the risk of dying from heart failure and/or infection. Preconception genetic testing can determine if you or your partner carries the disease. Both parents must carry the gene in order for the baby to inherit Thalassemia. Prenatal testing can be done in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

Thalassemia Major and Wrongful Birth Cases
If you were not informed of your child’s thalassemia major disease before his or her birth, you may have a wrongful birth case. An error may have occurred in one of several steps in the process:

– Your doctor failed to read or interpret test results properly (e.g., AFP, ultrasound, amniocentesis) or did not advise you of your risks for giving birth to a baby with this condition.
– The medical lab failed to perform the appropriate tests or failed to report the results.

In these cases doctors deprived of the choice to terminate the pregnancy or prepare to care for your disabled child. This may be grounds for a wrongful birth case. We know that no parent wants to make the heartbreaking decision between terminating a pregnancy or giving birth to a severely disabled child. Parents do have the right to know the facts, and the right to make that decision. Doctors and medical laboratory professionals have a responsibility to perform proper tests and inform the parents of the results.

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