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Objects Dropped from Tall Buildings

When Objects Are Dropped from Tall Buildings, Everyone Suffers

When you leave the house every morning, the last thing you expect is to be hit by an object dropped from a tall building. And yet that becomes a reality for many Americans every year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 255 people were killed by falling or dropped objects in 2016 alone. Many more experienced significant injuries.

While objects should never be dropped from tall buildings, this problem is unfortunately common. Movers who lift items like pianos from the ground into buildings may be careless in their handling of those items. Other times, carelessly installed air conditioners may fall from a building, causing severe injury or even death.

In other cases, the object may be launched from the building deliberately, by foolish people playing what they think is a joke. Even small items, like food or water balloons, can cause damage to the unsuspecting pedestrians below.

In addition to residential building-related accidents, falling object injuries can occur in a wide variety of settings. They are particularly common in construction sites, where objects may fall from scaffolding onto workers or passers-by. Dropped object incidents may also occur in retail or warehouse settings, to name a few.

The types of object involved in a falling object incident vary widely. As a result, victims may sustain a very wide variety of injuries. Some injuries — spinal trauma and/or paralysis, death — may be very serious; others may include broken bones, sprains, or other issues. These injuries can cause medical bills to spiral out of control, time off from work, and significant emotional trauma.

Your Options

Property owners and renters, movers and construction managers all have an obligation to prioritize safety while they do their jobs. If your injury could have been prevented by proper management, you may be able to obtain a financial settlement.

While a settlement cannot reverse the emotional damage, injury, or even loss caused by a dropped object, it can help with rising medical costs. Moreover, it is important to hold negligent site managers accountable to help prevent future accidents.

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