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$10,500,000 Verdict

Failure to diagnose skin cancer led to our plaintiff’s facial disfigurement.

Despite our client’s 19 visits to the doctor between 2000 and 2003, the doctor failed to diagnose his skin cancer in a timely manner. This led to the disfigurement of the plaintiff’s chin, which required extensive skin grafting. Because our client had a family history of basal cell carcinoma, he started his care ten years prior. However, the doctor failed to diagnose the problem. By the time another dermatologist had found the problem, the cancer had already spread to our client’s chin nerves. Additional surgeries helped but our client was still left disfigured. And while some of the issue was due to a preexisting condition, the jury awarded most of the verdict due to the delayed diagnosis. (Attorney Paul O’Connor handled the case.)

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