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O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble formed as a result of the merger of two of the most formidable law firms in New Jersey. The result was the creation of a law firm with with partners, Scott Parsons, Paul O’Connor, William Lane, and Greg Noble having over 100 years of combined success in and out of the courtroom. This experience has resulted in tremendous results for their clients and the respect of their peers.

STELLAR RECORD OF SUCCESS. The firm specializes in the area of personal injury litigation, with a significant emphasis on medical malpractice claims. This representation of plaintiffs throughout the state of New Jersey has resulted in unparalleled success. In fact, the New Jersey Law Journal has frequently highlighted the firm’s success by reporting on their medical malpractice verdicts and settlements, including $28 million (verdict), $14.9 million (settlement), $14 million (settlement), $10.5 million (verdict), $7 million (verdict), and $6 million (verdict). This small sample of verdicts and settlements, combined with their many other multi-million dollar medical malpractice recoveries, have made O’Connor, Parsons, Lane, & Noble a leader in the industry.

While having a significant emphasis in medical malpractice litigation, the firm has had equal success in employment litigation. O’Connor, Parsons, Lane, & Noble’s team of attorneys have successfully represented thousands of employees who have been harmed by the unlawful conduct of their employer. This has resulted in millions of dollars in compensation for the harms caused by this conduct, including the highest verdict in New Jersey history for a single plaintiff, $22 million dollars.

It should be noted that the firm’s success has been achieved in all areas of civil litigation, including construction accidents, car accidents and other forms of personal injury, including a $6 million verdict involving a failure to maintain a railway properly.

The verdict is in:
Meet New Jersey’s finest
trial attorneys.

All four of the firm’s partners are a part of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA),
an honor “given to those who display civility, integrity, and skill in trial advocacy.” In
addition, three of our four partners are Fellows in the highly regarded American College of
Trial Lawyers (ACTL), based on the highest standards of “trial practice, professionalism,
ethics and administration of justice.” Membership is offered by invitation, after a minimum
of 15 years’ trial experience and after being thoroughly vetted, to experienced trial lawyers
who “have mastered the art of advocacy.” Fellowship in the College is restricted to the rare
air of the top one percent of the lawyer population in any state or province.

Trial attorneys who triumph.

While we can’t promise a verdict (that’s up to the judicial process), know that from the moment we agree to take your case — through relentless discovery and preparation, excavating the facts to bring the truth to the light of day, consulting exceedingly qualified subject matter experts as needed, utilizing our considerable resources, and strategizing arguments based on an in-depth knowledge of the law — you can expect a level of professionalism and expertise at the leading edge of the law. Because when it comes to representing plaintiffs, we plan to triumph.

Making a difference. Advocacy. Education. Leadership.

The firm’s legal team is comprised of consummate pros who take a highly effective and human approach to practicing law, driven by advocacy, education and empowerment. Day in and day out, we inform, educate and empower our clients so they understand exactly how the law applies to their circumstances. We foster transparency and trust, adhering to a higher standard.

In addition, we take positions of leadership in our professional legal organizations, achieve peer recognition in our specialties of medical malpractice, personal injury and employment law, and consistently give back to our profession and community. We are earnest in our commitment, across the board, to make a difference.

Getting to the emotional core: Attorneys who connect with juries.

It sounds basic enough. Present the facts of the case and hope that the jury responds in your favor. But juries must relate to you and your attorney. Whether infant plaintiffs, accident victims or those who work in a hostile work environment, clients need a lawyer who can speak in plain language and simplify the complex. This enables the jury to keep their hearts and minds open to connect with the emotional core of the case.

We do our homework from beginning to end including discovery and depositions, consulting with subject matter experts, applying our finely honed instincts to jury selection (including demographics, and studying people’s attitudes and aspirations) and more. We’re adept at making sure a jury understands the sum and substance of your case.

Juries are made of people: Our shared humanity unites us.

Moreover, juries are made of people who, on balance, will opt for a fair verdict on behalf of fellow citizens who have genuinely been harmed. Given the facts and an articulate explanation that resonates, juries can comprehend with compassion what a client has endured. When these arguments are delivered by an experienced attorney, the jury endeavors to make sense of the case, the law and, above all, our common human experience. The legal system works.

When bad things happen to good people. What should you do?

When people who have an expectation of competence and civility suddenly find themselves or a loved one a victim of negligence, injury or discrimination, their lives can be forever changed. When your world gets turned upside down through no fault of your own, it’s easy to be overcome with anger, fear, humiliation, anxiety, uncertainty and plenty more. It goes without saying that we cannot change the circumstances that have caused you or a loved one harm. But what we can do — as successful specialists in the areas of medical malpractice, personal injury and employment law — is help make it right.

Why you need the best legal representation on your side.

Complex cases that require intensive effort and preparation call for a legal team well-versed in the specifics of the law. Unfortunately, we’ve observed cases wherein an attorney claims to have expertise in a practice area, but in fact is not able to adequately litigate for the plaintiff. It takes many years of expertise, experience and a familiarity with the law’s complexities to even know what questions to ask. If your legal representation has not mastered the letter of the law, or doesn’t have the extensive resources to properly investigate and prepare a case, you could settle for substantially less. Or worse, have your case thrown out. Don’t let that happen.

We’re confident that every client we take on — whether for a misdiagnosed infant disease, a slip-and-fall accident or an unlawful workplace matter — will get our best from start to finish. Sustaining serious injury or another difficult situation is hard enough. You deserve the finest quality representation.

Working on a contingency fee basis.

We often handle cases on a contingency fee basis. If we accept a case, we will handle most or all of the upfront costs required to properly take on your legal matter, waiting to be paid until the final verdict is decided. Typically we are paid once a settlement is made. Our conscientious staff works together on your behalf. We also have three professionals who provide translation services in Spanish and Portuguese to help streamline the process.

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