For families in New Jersey who have faced the traumatic experience of a birth injury related to forceps use, the path to healing often includes seeking justice. Forceps deliveries, while sometimes necessary, can lead to severe injuries if not performed with the utmost care and skill. At O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble, LLC, we understand the gravity of these injuries and their impact on your family.

If your child suffered injuries from a forceps delivery, our lawyers are here to help. We provide comprehensive legal support, guiding you through claiming compensation, understanding your legal rights, and gathering the medical evidence necessary for a successful case. We focus on securing justice and supporting your family’s needs during this challenging time. Contact a New Jersey forceps injury lawyer at our office for a free consultation about your birth injury claim.

Understanding Forceps Delivery and Associated Risks

Using forceps during delivery can be a critical intervention, but the practice comes with inherent risks that the doctor must carefully manage to protect both mother and child. Understanding these risks is essential for any family considering their legal options.

Risks of using forceps during delivery include the following: 

  • Skull fractures and brain injuries—incorrect or forceful use of forceps can cause skull fractures or brain injuries in the newborn, leading to long-term neurological consequences;
  • Nerve damage—excessive pressure or incorrect forceps placement can result in nerve damage, potentially causing facial palsy or other motor issues in the infant;
  • Soft tissue injuries—both the mother and child can suffer from cuts, bruises, or more severe soft tissue injuries from forceps and
  • Oxygen deprivation—improper use of forceps can lead to oxygen deprivation, which can cause developmental delays or cognitive issues in the newborn.

At O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble, LLC, we recognize the gravity of these risks and their impact on families. We are committed to helping those affected by forceps-related injuries understand their legal rights and pursue the necessary compensation for the harm suffered.

Legal Framework in New Jersey for Forceps Injury Cases

New Jersey’s medical malpractice laws provide a pathway for families affected by forceps injuries to seek compensation. These laws require proving that the medical professional deviated from accepted standards of care during delivery and that this deviation directly caused the injury and resultant damages. Establishing negligence involves showing that the care provider failed to adhere to the standard practices expected in forceps deliveries, leading to the injury.

Proving Your Case: Evidence in Forceps Injury Claims

Presenting specific evidence is crucial to a successful forceps injury lawsuit. 

Some relevant evidence in these cases includes the following: 

  • Medical records—such records demonstrate how the doctor managed the delivery and responded to any complications;
  • Expert testimony—medical experts can clarify the standard of care expected and how the actions taken during delivery deviated from this standard and
  • Impact documentation—detailed records of the child’s medical needs, treatments, and prognosis are essential to establish the long-term consequences of the injury.

Collecting comprehensive evidence is a meticulous process that requires detailed legal and medical knowledge. It involves reviewing medical records, consulting with medical experts, and preparing a thorough case that outlines the negligence and its effects.

The Role of a New Jersey Forceps Attorney in Birth Injury Cases

An experienced attorney is vital in forceps injury cases to navigate the legal complexities and to advocate effectively for the family’s rights. Our New Jersey forceps injury lawyers understand the complexities of these cases, and they know how to present a compelling argument for compensation.

Types of Damages Recoverable

Victims of forceps injuries during childbirth can recover various types of damages to compensate for their losses. These damages are designed to address the injury’s immediate and long-term effects. Types of damages recoverable in a forceps injury case include the following: 

  • Medical expenses—covering past and future injury-related medical treatments, including surgeries, medications, and therapy;
  • Pain and suffering—compensation for the physical pain and emotional distress experienced by the child and family; 
  • Loss of earning potential—for severe cases, if the injury impacts the child’s ability to earn a living in the future; and
  • Rehabilitative costs—ongoing costs related to rehabilitative services that aid the child’s recovery and development.

The New Jersey forceps injury attorneys at O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble, LLC, are dedicated to securing these damages for our clients. 

Has Your Child Suffered a Preventable Birth Injury?

If you recently experienced the tragedy of bringing a child into the world who will be forced to live with a preventable birth injury, a doctor’s negligence may have been responsible for your child’s condition. At the New Jersey personal injury law firm of O’Connor, Parsons, Lane & Noble, LLC, our lawyers proudly pursue claims for compensation against negligent healthcare providers on behalf of individuals and families. We provide free consultations to all prospective clients and will not accept payment for our services unless we recover compensation for your family. 

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