What Questions are Asked at a Deposition?

If you bring a lawsuit after a car accident, then you might need to give a deposition.

A deposition takes place during the discovery phase of a lawsuit, where each side can request information from the other to help identify what issues are really in dispute.

You will probably meet in a conference room at a law firm, with both sides to the dispute present, along with their attorneys.

The deposition will be recorded, either by a court reporter or by video. You will answer questions under oath, just like you would at a trial.

Many of our clients are nervous about this and want to know what to expect in a deposition for a car accident. In this article, we’ll identify some of the most common deposition questions for car accidents.

Car Accident Deposition Questions:

Your Basic Background Information

You will need to provide simple background information on yourself, such as:

  • Name
  • Address and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Current residence
  • Your educational background (high school graduate? college? postgrad?)
  • Your family (married? children?)
  • Employment (where you have worked the past several years)
Car Accident Deposition Questions:

Your Medical History

If you are suing for a car accident, chances are very high you have suffered bodily injuries. Unsurprisingly, car accident deposition questions will focus on your medical history:

  • Names of doctors you have seen over the past decade
  • Any medical conditions that predate the car accident (such as a heart attack 5 years ago)
  • Any chronic health problems (asthma, chronic pain, etc.)

Lawyers ask these questions because they are hoping to claim that the injuries you suffered in the car accident really pre-existed the accident, which means the amount of compensation they need to pay would be dramatically reduced.

Car Accident Deposition Questions:

Your Experience with the Legal System

You might be surprised to be asked the following:

  • Do you have a criminal history? If so, what were you convicted of?
  • Have you ever brought a lawsuit before or a workers’ compensation claim?

Here are the reasons they are asking them: if you have a felony conviction, the lawyer might be able to use it to discredit your testimony at trial. This doesn’t always happen, but the New Jersey Rule of Evidence 609 allows it in some situations.

Also, if you have filed personal injury lawsuits or claims before, the lawyers want to know why.

You might have filed a workers’ comp claim for a bad back, which the lawyer will try to claim is the real cause of your pain after the car accident.

Car Accident Deposition Questions:

About The Car Accident

The lawyer wants to better understand how the accident unfolded. You can expect very detailed questions about the following:

  • The day, time, and location of the accident
  • The weather conditions during the accident
  • The traffic conditions the day of the accident
  • What you were doing in the moments before the collision
  • Your speed before the collision
  • When you first saw the other vehicle
  • How fast you think the other vehicle was travelling
  • Where the vehicles ended up after the crash
  • What was said after the accident, if anything
  • Any witnesses to the accident, such as a passenger in your vehicle or a bystander
Car Accident Deposition Questions:

About Your Injuries

After asking about your medical history, the lawyer will want to drill down and ask about the injuries you suffered after the accident:

  • The injuries you were diagnosed with after the accident
  • Who you saw for treatment (name of doctor and hospital)
  • Whether you are taking prescription drugs
  • The amount of your medical bills for treatment
  • How much time away you have missed work
  • Your pain, on a scale of 1-10
  • The location of any pain
  • How your life has been disrupted after the accident

Talking about the pain you feel can be very emotional. If you need to take a break during the deposition, tell your attorney.

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