Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer? 4 Ways an Attorney Can Help.


After being injured in an accident, you probably need compensation to help you cover your medical and other expenses. But why should you hire an attorney? After all, many people submit insurance claims on their own and don’t have to pay an attorney’s fees to do so.

Whenever someone asks, “Do I need a personal injury lawyer?” we always give a simple answer—an attorney will help you get the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

You might be able to settle a claim on your own, but there’s no way of knowing whether you have left money on the table. Read on to better understand the many ways that a personal injury attorney can help your case.

1. An Attorney Can Investigate an Accident

Under New Jersey law, a person who is negligent will have to pay compensation to anyone they injure. But if the person was not negligent, then they will not have to pay anything. To secure compensation, you need high quality evidence of what happened and who is to blame.

For example, if you were in a car accident, there might be a dispute as to fault. The other driver’s insurance company will not pay compensation unless their insured caused the crash, so you need evidence to prove that.

As your attorney, we can investigate the scene of the accident, analyze the police report, and interview witnesses. We can also help you document what you remember happening. This evidence goes a long ways to showing you deserve compensation for your injuries.

2. A Personal Injury Attorney Can Handle All Your Paperwork

After a serious accident, you need to focus on getting well. This often means staying at home and going back and forth to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Focusing on your wellness and your family will take all your attention, making it harder to meet deadlines and collect the paperwork you’ll need to make a claim.

Your personal injury attorney can:

  • Collect all necessary medical records
  • Obtain a copy of the police report
  • Fill out and submit insurance claim forms

3. A Personal Injury Attorney Can Negotiate with an Insurance Company

If your car accident only caused property damage, then an insurance company might pay out a claim quite quickly after you submit repair bills. But if you or a family member suffered a bodily injury, then the insurance company will take a much harder look at your case. More money is at stake when there are bodily injuries like fractures, burns, concussions, or back injuries.

It should be no secret that insurance companies are not eager to pay top compensation. Instead, they often make a low initial offer, which you absolutely should not accept. Unfortunately, too many people without a lawyer don’t understand how much their injuries are worth, so they accept what little money an insurance company offers.

To successfully negotiate, you need an attorney who understands the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and who will fight to maximize the amount of a settlement.

4. A Personal Injury Attorney Can File a Lawsuit if Necessary

Not every accident case can be solved with a settlement. Sometimes, the defendant or his insurance company acts unreasonably and denies a perfectly legitimate claim. In these situations, the only recourse our clients have is to go into court and file a lawsuit for compensation.

Lawsuits are not easy to bring. You need to file complicated legal documents in a timely manner and respond to arguments made by the defendant. The defendant will have a battery of attorneys at their disposal, and you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t.

Your attorney can file all necessary paperwork and serve it on the defendant, as well as stay on top of deadlines. Many cases that are filed ultimately settle anyway, but filing the lawsuit gives the defendant an incentive to come to the negotiation table and make a fair offer of compensation.

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