Nursing home cases involve violations of New Jersey statutes and regulations which result in the loss of dignity and enjoyment of life, pain and suffering and possible permanent physical injury or death to nursing home residents.

Typical nursing home lawsuits contain multiple causes of action, where a claim against individual nurses, aides, management personnel and physicians for medical negligence is only one part.

The same suit often includes claims for violations of the Nursing Home Responsibilities and Rights of Residents Act (“NHRRA”) (N.J.A.C. 8:37), as well as contractual claims for breach of contract of the resident’s agreement with the facility. NHRRA violations are part and parcel of a nursing home resident’s medical malpractice case.

While the focus in a simple medical malpractice case is what act or omission occurred that may amount to medical negligence, the focus in nursing home cases is why a patient has fallen victim to substandard care and/or had their rights violated.

Many times the answer is that the facility cut corners in order to remain profitable, and as a result the plaintiff suffered from substandard care with consequences that range from neglect, loss of dignity, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life of whatever limited time left the resident has to live.

Nursing homes often have an unhealthy focus on profits rather than the wellbeing and dignity of their patients. It is not uncommon that we uncover nursing homes cutting corners for their own financial gain, resulting in pain and suffering to their residents who are deprived the opportunity to live the last periods of their life in a dignified manner.

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