We are looking forward to celebrating this July 4th with our families and friends with barbecues and fireworks. The long holiday weekend will allow many of us to travel to enjoy Independence Day with distant friends and relatives.

With the lower gasoline prices, AAA anticipates that the roads will be heavily traveled and congested, with 41.9 million people on the road. Add to that beer and other alcoholic beverages enjoyed at barbecues, as well as the rash of car recalls, drive carefully over dangerous roads this weekend.

The National Safety Council (NSC) is forecasting that more car accidents will occur this July 4th weekend than occur over New Year’s Eve. The Council is predicting the highest number of motor vehicle accidents since 2008, with 409 deaths and 49,500 injuries needing medical attention.

Record High Auto Recalls

Automobile manufacturers have had a record number of recalls recently, including:

  • General Motors’ faulty ignition switches in older vehicles
  • Exploding Takata airbags installed by 11 automakers, including Honda, BMW, Ford, and Toyota.
    These airbags have been responsible for 100 deaths when they exploded and sending shrapnel flying.
  • Engines which cut out in the middle of heavy traffic, disabling power stearing, power brakes, air bags in some General Motors cars.
  • Sudden acceleration problems in some Toyota cars

In 2014, 63.7 million vehicles were recalled – roughly one out of every four cars.
To check to see if your car has been recalled, go to the Department of Transportation’s website and search for your car model. Consumer Reports also has an online search for car recalls. To see if your car has had the proper repairs, search your your car’s VIN number on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website.

Consumer Reports is warning readers to protect themselves. Remember to:

  • Never ignore recall notices
  • Check the DOT or Consumer Reports websites for recall announcements
  • Report any suspicions or car problems to both the manufacturer’s customer service and to the Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Don’t wait. Fix hazards immediately.

If a recall is later issued, you will be able to get reimbursed from the car’s manufacturer.
We wish everyone a safe and happy July 4th weekend.

If you hear of anyone who is not as fortunate, who has a car accident and wants to consult with an attorney, have them contact us either online or by phone at  908-282-3814.