What Medical Malpractice Experience Does O’Connor, Parsons, Lane and Noble Have?

Many times when the client comes into the office they’ll ask me, have you ever handled a case like this? And I always have a little smile across my face, because it’s not what the nature of the case is, it’s:

  • Do you know how to evaluate the case?
  • Do you know how to recognize whether there’s malpractice?
  • Do you know how to find the experts to properly review and evaluate the case?

The approach is the same on all of them. We’ve handled cases involving:

  • birth injuries
  • cerebral palsy

We’ve handle birth injuries where the doctors have failed to do the prenatal testing to which a determination as to whether or not the woman was at risk of carrying a fetus who could have some type of genetic birth problem.

We’ve had birth injuries like Shoulder dystocia. We’ve had injuries where episiotomies have been improperly done, improperly repositioning the tissue at the end of the episiotomy.

We’ve handled cases of blood dyscrasias, cases involving:

  • general surgery
  • abdominal surgery
  • orthopedic surgery
  • neurosurgery

There’s not a type a surgery that you can have that we have not seen involving the ears, the eyes, and nose, the face, the mouth, whether it be plastic surgery reconstructive surgery, general medical examinations, physicals.

Blood work – we’ve had cases where men in their fifties have gone to their family physicians for the yearly checkups and we find out the doctor has not done a PSA, a specific test to determine if there’s a risk for prostate cancer.

No matter what part of the body, whether you are talking colostomies, or whether you are talking endoscopies, tubes in the nose, tubes in the mouth, or tubes in the rectum, every aspect of medical care and treatment that could result in medical malpractice we’ve seen over the years.

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