Was your Baby a Victim of a Forceps Injury?

The birth of a baby is supposed to be the happiest time in a parent’s life. However, sometimes, not every birth goes smoothly. There is nothing more tragic than a baby being injured at or immediately after birth. Sometimes it is necessary for a physician to use more invasive medical devices, such as forceps, to ensure the safe delivery of a child when complications arise during the birthing. In the hands of an experienced obstetrician, forceps aid in a quick, painless and injury-free birth. When used improperly, they can cause serious and sometimes permanent injury to both you and your unborn child. When the illness or injury was caused by medical negligence during birth, parents often have nowhere to turn to find out what they can do.

What are forceps?

Forceps are specifically designed to grasp babies and remove them from the birth canal with their long, tong-like handles. They are designed so not to reach further than the baby’s head during the birthing process. The farthest point that they should reach is the tip of the baby’s cheeks. There are several different types of forceps that are used to help in delivery. Most contain a curved end which is attached to a base that functions like the bottom part of a pair of scissors or tongs.

How are forceps used?

In order to avoid fetal distress and other complications, it may be necessary to use forceps to quickly deliver a child. However, forceps should only be used during the second stage of labor with your baby’s head fully engaged in the birth canal. You should be fully dilated with all membranes ruptured before forceps can properly be utilized. Once it’s been determined that forceps are needed, an anesthetic should be administered before the forceps are inserted. Once the birth canal is properly anesthetized, the forceps will be inserted with each handle placed on both sides of the baby’s head. The handles will then be closed together in order to hold and cradle the baby’s head. Once another contraction occurs, the other will be asked to push and the physician will gently pull the baby’s head out and allow the rest of the birth to be administered manually.

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