On April 18, 2018, OPLN attorney Ali Loprete was selected to speak on the Brian Lehrer show during a discussion regarding representation in sexual assault and harassment cases. Specifically, Ms. Loprete answered questions concerning the attorney-client privilege and how it is often challenged and must be protected in adversarial proceedings.

Ms. Loprete also discussed her knowledge regarding the use of non-disclosure agreements during the settlement of civil sexual assault and harassment suits. From her experience representing victims of sexual assault and harassment in civil cases, Ms. Loprete was able to provide important context to the national conversation surrounding this topic and the legal paths that are available when confronted with such a case.

On the heels of this speaking appearance, Ms. Loprete, Mr. O’Connor and Mr. Parsons settled a sexual assault suit against two physicians whose patient had been victimized by an unqualified male medical assistant hired to work in their medical office.

Episode here (Ali at 22 minute mark): https://www.wnyc.org/story/the-brian-lehrer-show-2018-04-18/

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