New Jersey police officer Sergeant Marshawn Love was just trying to do the right thing when he reported a fellow officer’s sexual harassment claims against a superior. Most workplaces would be proud to have an employee who sticks up for their coworkers’ right to be treated equally.

However, according to Sgt. Love, the response from his city was anything but supportive. After reporting the harassment, Love says that he was scapegoated for a tragic shooting that occured while he was on the job. As a result, he was demoted and suspended from his job.

But Love argues that his actions at the scene of the shooting were appropriate and consistent with protocol. The punishment, he says, was retaliation for reporting the harassment claims. Worse, it is part of a pattern by the department of refusing to advance African-American officers.

Sgt. Love’s Story:

Your Right to Freedom From Harassment and Discrimination

If you report harassment or discrimination claims, you are legally protected from retaliation. This means that your employer cannot take negative actions against you for your role in reporting allegations of harassment. You are still protected from retaliation even if your employer determines that the harassment claims are without merit.

Racial discrimination is illegal. If you, like Sgt. Love, feel that your employer has a history of failing to promote or advance workers due to their race, you may be the victim of racial discrimination.

An experienced attorney can help you determine whether you might be a victim of retaliation, racial discrimination, or other forms of harassment. An attorney can also help you figure out the best approach to the situation, whether it’s navigating the complaint process with HR or even filing a lawsuit.

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