Age Discrimination – Refusal to Hire

Has a Potential Employer Refused to Hire You Because of Your Age?

All qualified candidates deserve an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of age. Your age does not determine your compatibility with a workplace, your potential or your skill set. Unfortunately, some employers are biased in favor of younger workers. This bias can lead to unequal opportunity for older applicants, including being rejected for jobs purely on the basis of age.

If you feel that you were denied a job opportunity for which you were qualified because of your age, you may be a victim of age discrimination.

Age Discrimination

It is illegal to discriminate against an employee because they are over the age of 40. Discrimination can occur in any aspect of employment, including the hiring process, benefits, awarding of bonuses, access to training, and termination. Harassment on the basis of age is also considered discrimination.

If you were denied a job for which you were qualified because of your age, you may be a victim of illegal age discrimination. The age of the people who refused to hire you does not matter.

People over the age of 40 deserve the same opportunities to thrive in the workplace as their younger peers. Fortunately, if you are experiencing age discrimination, an experienced attorney can help.

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