Man Charged in Connection with Fatal Hit-and-Run

South brunswick, NJ — A man has been arrested and charged in connection with fatal hit-and-run with a motorcycle. According to police, Cory Holsten, 25, was hit while riding his motorcycle in South Brunswick late Thursday, August 8th.

The first officers on the scene were able to follow a fuel trail to a nearby bar, where they found a Jeep Wrangler belonging to 57-year-old Peter Prete. Prete was later arrested in connection with the accident with Holsten.

He was reportedly charged with leaving the scene of a fatal motor crash and several other motor vehicle summons.

While the crash remains under investigation, the South Brunswick Police Department is asking anyone with more information to call Patrolman William Merkler at 732-329-4646 or Detective Jonathan Berman at 732-745-4328.

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Source: ABC 7 NY

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