NJ Transit accident

River Edge, NJ – A New Jersey father and son were seriously injured after a hit from an oncoming NJ Transit Train Thursday morning. 

According to surveillance footage, Jonathan Lin, 55, ended up on the tracks after crashing through the crossing gates.

After crashing through the warning gate, Lin’s black Honda came to a stop before the train slammed into it as it pulled into the local train station. The Honda was also carrying Lin's 16-year-old son.

George Aydin, 38, an employee at a nearby BP gas station said “I heard loud impact — ‘Bang!'” when the collision occurred. “I look and see the train going by and the car’s tires I see on the other side.”

Both father and son have been taken to the Hackensack University Medical Center for their injuries. Lin, sustained five broken ribs and his son had some bruising and cuts to his head, NJ Transit spokeswoman Lisa Torbic said.

Railroad spokeswoman Nancy Snyder stated that the train was not going full speed when it collided with Lin's vehicle. It was going about 10 miles per hour below the speed limit when it rolled into the landing station.

A commuter on the train, Matthew Marmolejos, told northjersey.com “It felt like we ran over something.” “The train immediately came to a screeching halt and I saw the conductor looked distraught, and that’s when I realized we may have hit something.”

The investigation into why the accident happened is ongoing Snyder states. 

Lin recieved a summons for careless driving and ignoring the railroad warning signals according to Torbic. 

The train had first departed from Spring Valley earlier in the morning and had 400 commuters and crew aboard. No other injuries occurred during the accident.

Rail service on the Pascack Valley line was suspended for two hours, according to NJ Transit’s Twitter posts.

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Source: The NY Post

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