Dump Truck Slams into Home

South Brunswick, NJ — A South Brunswick family is lucky no one was hurt after a dump truck crashed into their house early Wednesday, August 14th.

According to reports, the family of three was sleeping inside when around 4:30 a.m. the truck slammed about 20 feet through their home, destroying the living room and kitchen areas.

The bedrooms were located just a few feet away. “If this occurred four or five feet over, we’re talking a different story, probably fatalities,” said South Brunswick Police Sgt. Gary Holsten.

None of the family members were hurt. The trick driver, however, suffered serious injuries. Emergency crews were unable to extract him from the vehicle until it was towed out of the home.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the crash to determine its cause. It is unknown if the driver was speeding, or why he drifted around the curb and into the house.

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Source: CBS New York

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