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$7,000,000 Settlement

A delayed Caesarean Section causes fetal brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy.

A Caesarean Section to deliver a newborn was delayed, causing cerebral palsy. The infant had been suffering in fetal distress for an extended period of time due to a uterine rupture, and the infant’s brain injury was caused by labor complications. The obstetrician failed to inform the family of the risks associated with a version procedure, wherein the doctor attempts to turn the baby. During the procedure the uterus ruptured and the placenta was damaged. As a result, the baby lost oxygen and sustained a brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy. The doctor also did not recognize the fetal distress during the delivery and was negligent in ceasing administration of Pitocin, a drug used to induce labor. This case was listed in The Law Journal as one of the Top 20 personal injury law cases for 2015. (Attorney Scott Parsons handled the case.)

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