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Unequal Spousal Benefits

Has Your Employer Denied Spousal Benefits to Your Husband?

Women deserve equal treatment in the workplace. Female workers work just as hard as male ones, and they deserve the same respect as their male counterparts. Despite the progress that generations of women have made in the fight for equality, however, many women still experience sexism and unfairness at work.

If your employer provides spousal benefits, such as health insurance, to the wives of your male coworkers, they must provide the same to you and your husband. Giving benefits to wives of male employees, but not to husbands of female employees, is illegal.

Unfortunately, in some places, sexist and outdated ideas about women in the workplace still persist. Some employers continue to treat the spouses of female employees differently from the spouses of male employees. This is wrong. Your employer may also be breaking the law.

Your Options

If your employer treats your husband differently from male coworkers’ wives, you may be the victim of sex discrimination. Sexual discrimination occurs when one employee is treated differently from others due to their sex or gender.

Sexual discrimination can make it much harder for women to succeed in the workplace. That is why there are laws in place to prevent sexual discrimination from happening. You have the right to equal treatment in all aspects of your employment, including the allocation of benefits.

An experienced attorney can help you explore your options, from navigating the complaint process with HR to filing a lawsuit. You may be entitled to financial compensation to make up for missed benefits and emotional damages.

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