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Taxi Accident Injuries

Taxis are an incredibly popular mode of transportation. In New York City alone, an estimated 236 million taxicab trips are completed every year, according to the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. Riding in a taxicab should be a safe and easy way to get around town. Whether you’re riding in a cab to the airport or taking a taxi home after a long night out, you have every right to expect that you will arrive at your destination safely.

Most of the time, cab drivers are diligent about safety. But some are not.

Some cab drivers may be trying to fit as many fares into one day as possible. Others may just be concerned about getting from place to place as quickly as they can. Still others may ignore safety protocol and fail to maintain their vehicles properly. When cab drivers drive recklessly or neglect safety measures, they put their passengers and other drivers at risk.

If you have been injured in a taxi accident, you know this firsthand. Car crash injuries can be extremely severe, ranging from whiplash to concussions to nerve damage. In worst case scenarios, they can even result in death.

Your Options

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s reckless driving. If you or a loved one were injured because of a taxi accident, an attorney can help you get the justice you deserve.

If you were injured, you may be coping with large medical bills or struggling to return to work. You may be entitled to a financial settlement that can help you deal with the cost of bills or lost wages. This cannot make up for the trauma of being injured or losing a loved one in a taxi accident but it can be an important step in holding reckless people accountable.

The amount of money you receive depends on your injuries, but it also depends on the skill of your attorney. It is important to hire an attorney with the experience and reputation needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

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