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Nursing Home – Personal Hygiene Neglect

Nursing Home Personal Hygiene Neglect

In many cases, we send our loved ones to nursing homes when they are unable to continue to live on their own. This can be the best option for many families, but it doesn’t mean that your elderly relative should have to give up the dignity with which they lived before. Many nursing homes are great places for older people, and provide them with much-needed support and comfort.

Sadly, however, there are some nursing homes where patients are not treated with the respect they deserve. There are many types of nursing home abuse, and all can result in serious injury or illness for vulnerable patients. Abuse and negligence can spiral into more serious problems if they are not addressed quickly. Unfortunately, for too many patients, warning signs of neglect go ignored.

What is Personal Hygiene Neglect?

When we think about the sorts of things elderly patients need, personal hygiene care may not be the first to come to mind. But while your loved one needs food, medicine, and water, they may also need assistance with critical hygiene tasks like bathing and dental care.

For example, if a patient needs help bathing and does not receive it, they may develop physical problems like sores or infections — or emotional and mental health problems. It is important to look for signs that your loved one might be neglected.

These signs may include:

  • -Matted or dirty hair
  • -Bad breath and yellow or brown teeth
  • -Untreated sores or cuts
  • -Significant changes in mood or apparent mental health
  • -Body odor
  • -Unclipped or jagged fingernails
  • -Sallow or dull skin

If your loved one shows these or other signs of personal hygiene neglect, an attorney can help you figure out your best course of action.

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Nursing home patients deserve the same dignity with which they have carried themselves throughout their younger years. When trusted facilities neglect their patients, they put them at risk of serious health problems. If a loved one is or has been the victim of nursing home personal hygiene neglect, you may be entitled to a large financial settlement to compensate for the pain you have suffered.

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