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Nursing Home Neglect – Serious Infection

Nursing Home Neglect – Serious Infection

Sending your loved one to a nursing home shouldn’t mean putting them at risk. When you enroll your relative in an assisted living facility, you do so precisely because you think they will be safe and comfortable there. As a result, in many cases, nursing homes provide the safe, supportive space patients deserve.

Unfortunately, however, some nursing homes fail their patients. Sometimes, these failures mean that basic needs are ignored — including medical needs.

In some worst-case scenarios, patients can actually become sicker due to the treatment they receive in a nursing home. These new illnesses are often the result of mistakes by the facility operators and staff, including:

  • -Poor hygiene
  • -Poor cleanliness or facility maintenance
  • -Medical neglect
  • -Neglecting existing patient illness
  • -Negligent exposure to other infected patients

Whether it is poor hygiene, poor facility maintenance, or medical neglect, infections and diseases can sweep through a nursing home quickly and cause significant damage.

Nursing home patients are often already suffering from serious health issues. A nursing home that puts its patients at risk of contracting new infections or fails to treat them when they do get sick is failing its patients.

If your loved one developed a serious infection while at a nursing home, they may be the victim of nursing home malpractice. Negligent nursing homes should be held accountable, or future patients will still be at risk.

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