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Nursing Home Medication Errors

Nursing Home Medication Errors

You sent your loved one to a nursing home because they needed special care and assistance. Many nursing homes provide high-quality care to the sick or elderly. However, some facilities cut corners in order to admit more patients and make more money. In these cases, staff members may be overworked or improperly trained, and the result is that patients suffer.

One of the most serious ways a nursing home can fail its patients is by committing a medication error. These errors occur when a patient is given either the wrong amount of medicine or the wrong kind of medicine altogether. As you might expect, the consequences for these errors can be dire.

The minimum such consequence is that a sick person does not get the treatment they need. At worst, a patient who is given the wrong medication may become sicker or even die. This is exactly the sort of nightmare scenario that you sought out a nursing home in order to avoid. Yet for certain unlucky families, medication errors in nursing homes are a grave reality.

There are many signs that your loved one is being improperly treated, including new side effects without change in prescription, a dramatic worsening in health condition, agitated emotional state, mood swings, or other sudden changes in physical and mental well-being.

If you suspect that your loved one is being given the wrong medication, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. These errors could have serious consequences for your loved one’s health; if the error was caused by negligence or malpractice, they may also be illegal. An experienced attorney will listen to your story and help you choose the best option for your family, possibly including the negotiation of a financial settlement.

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