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Nursing Home Malpractice

Nursing Home Malpractice

We put our trust in assisted living facilities to take good care of our loved ones. These facilities have an enormous responsibility: to care for and nurture the elderly. Many nursing homes value their patients and do their best to provide them with diligent care. Too often, however, healthcare providers at other assisted living facilities fail to properly attend to their patients.

Some of these facilities are understaffed or undertrained, resulting in care that is negligent or downright reckless. The results can be disastrous for their vulnerable patients. Preventable errors at nursing homes can result in inaccurate medication, injuries like bed sores or even death.

If your loved one is displaying potential signs of elder abuse, it is important to act quickly to ensure that they receive the quality care they deserve as soon as possible. Possible signs of elder abuse include things like unexplained bruising or cuts, recurring injuries, or changes to medication without a physician’s approval.

If you suspect that your loved one is being or has been mistreated at their nursing home, do not let them suffer in silence. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the situation and possibly negotiate a financial settlement.

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All nursing home patients are entitled to dignity, care and respect. Our experienced team understands the importance of keeping your loved ones safe.

We will listen to your concerns and help you figure out what course of action is best for you and your family. We may be able to help you obtain compensation for the mistreatment your loved one has suffered.

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