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Fall From Height

Were You Injured Falling from A Significant Height?

Construction work may be dangerous, but you are still entitled to basic workplace protections. As a construction worker, you take care to follow safety procedures and avoid accidents whenever possible. Sometimes, accidents happen anyway. Other times, someone else’s error causes you to be hurt in an accident — leaving you injured and possibly even unable to work.

Any kind of falling accident can be very serious. There are many ways in which construction work can lead to on-site falling accidents, including slippery surfaces, trips over objects, or even an accidental push from a coworker. While some falls may fail to cause serious injury, even short-distance falls can still cause massive damage. It depends on how you fell and how you landed. In short, if you are injured, you have the right to seek help.

There are many types of falling injuries for which you may file a claim, including falling off of scaffolding, large equipment, building structures, or even from ground level into a hole or underground structure. An attorney can help you figure out whether your injury may qualify you to file a claim.

Your supervisors and employer are required to help keep you safe on the job. This means following all required safety protocols, instituting necessary trainings, and maintaining the safest possible work site. If you got injured while working at a construction site, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Even if you believe that your own actions may have contributed to your injury, you still may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

As a construction worker, you know that the work you do is dangerous, but you are still entitled to be safe at work, just like any other worker. And if something does go wrong, you should not have to suffer in silence.

Your Options

Your employer may be liable, particularly if they failed to follow required safety procedures. Other parties, including equipment manufacturers and property owners, may also be liable for your injuries. An experienced attorney will listen to your story and help you determine who might be liable for the injury you suffered.

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