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Fall Due to Underground Work

Have You or a Loved One Fallen While Working Underground?

Everyone has the right to feel safe on the job, including people whose work takes them underground. Mine work and other underground labor might be more dangerous than an office job, but your employer still has to take steps to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible.

But even mine workers who take care to follow safety protocols can sometimes fall victim to an accident. Underground injuries can be extremely serious and even fatal. If you or a loved one was injured because of an underground fall, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Medical bills begin to pile up before you’re even back on your feet. If you’ve taken time off from work, you may be feeling the sting of lost wages. Worst of all, if you’ve lost a loved one, you are likely experiencing significant grief.

In some cases, however, underground workplace accidents were avoidable. An employer’s failure to follow safety protocols can result in falls, damage, and death. Maybe trusted equipment turned out to be defective, or another third party issue contributed to the accident.

Your Options

While it can feel hopelessly frustrating to wonder whether an accident was preventable, an attorney can help you find out. Looking into the circumstances surrounding the fall can be an important way to get the answers you need.

An attorney can also help you sign up for workers compensation and make sure that you are getting a fair deal. But workers compensation is not your only possible source of financial compensation. An experienced lawyer can help you determine whether you might be able to negotiate a settlement for the pain you suffered.

While a financial settlement cannot fix the pain of injury or of losing a loved one, it can go a long way towards helping with medical bills. Most importantly, if conditions at a fall site were negligent, it can help prevent future accidents by holding employers accountable.

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