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Exposure to Harmful Substances including Asbestos, Toxic Substances or Lead Poisoning

What Legal Recourse Do I Have in a Toxic Substance Exposure Case?

While a personal injury accident such as a broken leg by a mishandled forklift or a fall from scaffolding failure are quite clearly workplace injuries, the injuries caused by toxic exposures can take months, years, or even sometimes decades to develop. Some companies banked on the fact that a workers wouldn’t know where their illness had come from by the time the disease became apparent.

The toxic, often carcinogenic, effects of exposure to things like asbestos, chemicals such as benzene and PCBs, and heavy metals like lead have injured thousands of people. Our clients have been injured by these toxic products on the job, through secondary exposure, and through contact with seemingly harmless household products.

Some examples of toxic substance exposure may include but are not limited to:

– Asbestos
– Lead
– Benzene
– PCBs

Toxic substance exposure diseases can be tricky to pinpoint. It is important to understand the toxic substance, its effects, and its effects in combination with other exposures. But it takes more than that, too. Many clients have not worked at a particular power plant or chemical company for years.

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