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Explicit Material in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment — Explicit Material in the Workplace

Does one of your colleagues bring sexually explicit material to the workplace? Whether it’s explicit images, obscene writing or even handwritten drawings and notes, inappropriate content has no place in the office. If a coworker or supervisor’s explicit material is making you feel uncomfortable or distracted, you may be a victim of sexual harassment.

One type of sexual harassment occurs when an individual is subjected to a hostile environment in the workplace because of his or her sex. The presence of sexually explicit material in the workplace can foster a hostile environment by making you feel uncomfortable, disrespected, or objectified. This behavior has no place at work. You have the right to feel safe and comfortable at your place of employment.

Your Options

Hostile environment sexual harassment is illegal. If your employer is aware that sexual harassment has occurred, they can be held liable for the harassment you endured. If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you do not need to suffer in silence. An experienced attorney can help you decide what to do, whether it’s filing a complaint with your company or filing a lawsuit against your employer.

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