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Exercise Equipment Injury

Were You Injured By Exercise Equipment?

As everyone knows, exercise is supposed to be good for you. You should leave the gym feeling refreshed, healthy, and energized. Unfortunately, if the exercise equipment you use turns out to be defective, you could wind up leaving your workout in worse health than when you started.

Defects can occur in all sorts of exercise equipment, from treadmills that stop suddenly to defective pulleys in weight machines. Defects can also be caused by improper maintenance within gym facilities, including clutter or failure to repair malfunctioning machines.

Injuries sustained from workout equipment, including home gym equipment, can make it harder to achieve your fitness goals. Worse, they can significantly damage your quality of life, cause your medical bills to spike, or even result in death.

Your Options

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death due to exercise equipment, you have options. If it can be proven that the equipment was defective or that the facility where you were working out was improperly managed, you may be entitled to damages. An experienced lawyer can help you choose the best course of action, possibly including negotiating a settlement to compensate you for your medical bills and injury.

The companies that make gym equipment are required to adhere to certain safety and review protocols. If they sell defective products, they can be held financially responsible. If you were injured at a gym or fitness center, that company may also be financially liable for your injuries.

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