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Car Seat Injury

The moment a car seat malfunctions can be the scariest of a parent’s life. You use car seats because you care deeply about your children and want them to be protected from anything that could happen on the road. Unfortunately, some car seat manufacturers are not as preoccupied with safety as the parents who use them. When this happens, the results can be tragic — the injury, or even death, of a child.

If a manufacturer failed to ensure the safety of the car seats they sell, they may have committed a crime. Negligent manufacturing has serious consequences, as anyone whose family has been affected by a defective car seat knows.

Your Options

If your child was injured by a defective car seat, you may be struggling with huge medical bills. If your child was killed by a defective car seat, you have the right to seek justice. In either case, the makers of defective child safety products should be held accountable so that more children do not suffer as a result of their poor safety procedures.

A financial settlement cannot make up for the loss or injury of a child, but it can help with medical bills and go a long way toward holding a manufacturer accountable. An experienced attorney can help you explore your options, including a lawsuit or negotiating a settlement. You do not have to suffer in silence.

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We understand the pain and suffering that follows the injury or loss of a child. We also understand the importance of safe transportation and believe in holding negligent car seat manufacturers accountable. If your loved ones rely on car seats for safety, you have a right to trust that the product you use will help save your child, not make things worse.

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