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Burn Injuries Including Scalding and Fires

What Legal Recourse Do I Have in a Burn Injury Case?

A serious burn can be life-altering. Quite often it is a catastrophic event both physically and emotionally. We have all experienced minor burns from cooking or other daily activities. But a burn that causes substantial skin loss can be life-threatening, because it deprives the body of the organ it needs to regulate temperature and hydration, as well as keeping out disease. When burns heal, they can cause disfiguring scars that may restrict movement, may require surgical intervention, and will almost certainly change how others react to the victim.

According to the American Burn Association, approximately 40,000 Americans are hospitalized each year for the treatment of serious burns, including 25,000 admitted to specialized burn centers. A majority of burns takes place in the home, and is most often caused by direct contact with flames or scalding liquids.

A serious burn can sometimes take years to treat, and the victim may never fully recover. Initially, burn victims may require specialized hospitalization; later, they may face multiple plastic surgeries or other treatments to return the skin to as normal-looking an appearance and functional an organ as possible. Victims may also need psychiatric treatment for the trauma of living with scars. Medical care surrounding burn treatment can become very expensive. When burns were caused by someone else’s careless, reckless or deliberate behavior, victims have the right to hold them accountable for all of the damage they caused: physically, emotionally and financially. We demand that responsibility be taken by the wrongdoer and fairness are the result.

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